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You Are My Life by David Zaoui

I am a singer songwriter guitarist based in Sydney Australia. I use youtube as part of my music blog to inform my friends, fans and associate the latest songs I have written and their feedback. Any feedback from you would be most appreciated. Happy listening! DZ.

Review: Clear Voice Spray

Do singers need products like this? Leave your views…

Mary Lankford – One Way Love

Hey there VoiceCouncil readers! I am a vocalist recently taking some time out to record. I’ve sang in all kinds of groups ranging from a capella, gospel, funk, soul, R&B, choir, rock, the list goes on! I also am a host for a local TV show that showcases independent and unsigned artists in the DMV […]

Attack of the Killer Monitors

Whether it’s wedges or in-ears, vocalists must avoid extreme monitor levels. Bill Gibson explains how.

Succeeding at an Audition

How do you make an intimidating audition atmosphere work in your favor?

Review: Shazam

Is this really the number one Mobile phone app of all time?

When Smoke Gets In Your…Throat

How can singers avoid vocal set-backs from second-hand smoke?

Matt Woltjer – Ruined Me

Hi guys, I’ve been singing and playing a few years now and I’d love to hear any feedback from my fellow VoiceCouncil friends. Thanks, Matt

Review: VoiceLive2

Review of Reviews: a floor based vocal effects processor.

Vocalists Improve Their Jen Ratio

The key to improving the quality of your vocal work may lie in improving your Jen ratio.