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My Monitor, My Pet

Monitors can become just as beloved to vocalists as their mics. Michael Majeran shares how.

Vanessa Surian – Jumping The Gun (Acoustic Original Song)

I’m always pleasantly surprised when people like my voice, or music. I’m unpleasantly surprised when they don’t. Surprises all around, then

Review: HearFones

Journals approve – but do vocalists?

Before you Know Its Gone (Original) Ciarán Brennan © 2009

26 year old singer songwriter from Dublin Ireland.. Serial youtube video maker of original music atronb15′s channel.

The Singer Who Dares to Listen

Greater vocal confidence can come through your ears as well as your throat

Review: PureSolo

Is this Karaoke-with-a-Kick a helpful tool for vocalists?

Kylie Butterworth

HI I’m Kylie, I’m 15 years old a very outgoing and bubbly. I am very competitive in everything I do, and strive for what I want to achieve. I am very passionate about music and wish to share true stories that you can relate to in the songs I sing. I want to inspire people […]

VC’s Brief Guide: Mic Pick-Up Patterns

Get more control over your sound by understanding your mic’s pick up pattern.

Vocal Warm Ups for Performance

Kim Chandler, creator of the Funky ‘n Fun vocal training series, shares effective ways vocalists can get ready for a performance.

Becca Cole – Other Side Of The World – KT Tunstall (COVER)

Hello! My name is Becca but I go by the name ‘Becca de la Musique’ :) I’ve been playing guitar ever since I was little but only started singing a few years ago! I’m a student at the University of Warwick so when I’m not working hard (cough PARTYING) I tend to pick up my […]