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Do I Need A Sore Throat?

Have your vocal power come from your abdomen and chest -says Dr. Jahn

EQ Conservation

Wes Maebe, Studio and Live Sound Engineer shares essential technique for EQ and vocals.

Sabrina Lynn – Beat It cover

I love music. I write, I sing and I play. You can see more of my videos here:

Your Optimal Key

Allow your voice to assert itself without stress –says Rachel Lebon

Review: Fender Passport 300 Pro

It’s versatile. It’s simple. But is it loud enough? -asks Chris Kennedy

Money for Your Recording Project

You can fund your music through a new on-line tool.

Singer-Songwriters Who Sell Their Songs

There’s never any musical “auto-pilot” for successful singers –says Rachel Lebon

Recording Your Voice – Some Key Terms

DAW Digital Audio Workstation. Nowadays this usually refers to the computer software used to record and mix your music on. Midi Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Commonly used to connect keyboards to your computer and send digital information to a computer about the notes played, their positions and volumes. This information can then be played back […]

Review: Shure’s Beta 58 A Mic

This outstanding mic faces some stiff competition -says Chris Kennedy

A Warm Up for the Soul Singer

Kim Chandler shares a relevant vocal exercise for singers preparing to sing “soul” music.