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William Spears – Bad Man

Hey AGAIN, I don’t mean to be taking up spots on your site it’s just that I get solid advice from professionals and nonprofessionals and it helps me so much. My music wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for comments and feedback.

Your Specialist: The Chart

This Month’s Winners!

Your peers reveal their favourite quotes, tips and secrets of vocal success

Review: Behringer CT100 Cable Tester

Need to check all your mic cables work before heading off to a gig? Check out this simple device. -says Chris Kennedy

The Specialists You Need

“Would you ask an otorhinolaryngologist to teach you a blues riff?” –asks Kathy Alexander

The Non-Stop Voice

This week we’re thinking about vocal stress and fatigue and how you cope with it.

Your Culinary Mission

Singers need to rise to the occasion of their stomach –says Shlomo

Alfy – Someone Like You cover

I’ve posted videos here a long time ago and have found the comments and advice given rather helpful. So here is one a year after the previous submission. :) I’m still using the TC-Helicon Create XT and am loving it too much!

Singing When Sick

The show can still go on – but don’t make singing when ill a habit -says Dr. Jahn

Tom Camp – The One

My name is Tom Camp, I am an aspiring singer/songwriter from New Jersey. I am always looking to further myself and hope to gain the power to inspire others through writing. Please listen-Tom Camp