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Posture for the Vocalist

Vastly increase your vocal efficiency with a little effort at bracing -says Dane Chalfin

Alan Page – The Silence

I’ve played Bass guitar for 20 some odd years, after another band failed I decided to take up guitar and start performing my music, relying on myself instead of others.

Review: TC-Helicon’s VoiceLive Touch

Can this device from TC-Helicon take your voice to new levels, adding excitement to your live performances?

Your Dream Backing Band?

This week we’re putting together your dream backing band! We’re interested in hearing who it you would choose out of all the musicians past and present to be a part of your ultimate ensemble… So the question is: Let’s dream for a second… If you could create the ultimate band to back you… who would […]

Your Headphone Mix is Crucial

Did You Know That…Your Headphone Mix is Crucial? Often a singer is out of tune in the studio simply because the headphone mix is providing an inaccurate pitch reference or a pitch reference that’s hard to pinpoint. Always listen to the headphone mix when you’re getting set up. For pitch reference, the best instruments to […]

Connecting With Your Eyes

Your gaze on stage can take your song to a new level –says Jeannie Deva

Alec Drow – Dreams to Remember cover

I’ve been creating music for a while. Using the voicelive 2 is so much extending my options as a singer and artist. Just check out my videos and see for yourself the variety of creativity.

This Month’s Winners!

Your peers reveal their favourite quotes, tips and secrets of vocal success…

Review: HK Audio’s New Portable PA

Need to setup in a hurry but not compromise on sound quality? HK Audio may have the solution -says Chris Kennedy

Laura Vane’s Shameless Self-Promotion

Feeling uncomfortable with marketing yourself means you’re on-track –says Petra Tool