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Dear Dr. Jahn, can I start enjoying the odd cup of coffee without hurting my voice?

The other night when I strained my voice at a three hour gig with a bad sound system – how much voice rest do I need?

My falsetto is almost gone and my range has shrunk. Is this due to aging or just the hiatus from singing?

If acid is coming up in your esophagus, how does it irritate the vocal cords, given that they are in the wind pipe?

“Dr. Jahn: I don’t have time to be sick – I gig 6 nights a week! But here I am with a temperature (102), sore throat…”

“Dr. Jahn – I have some gigs coming up and want to know what kind of voice rest (total?) I need before I can sing !”

“Dr. Jahn: I have a group of friends who are “fitness freaks” and each into something different – one swears by pilates another weightlifting…”

“I heard a coach say that you can apply an anti-inflammatory ointment such as a hemorrhoid cream right on the outside of your throat??”

Dr. Jahn, everyone always says “drink water well before your gig” – but it always feels good to drink water as I’m performing! So I am wondering if this is not the whole truth!

What is happening in the morning with my cool, raspy sound , and is there a way to sustain this voice for performances?

“I think I understand that my throat and neck should be relaxed when singing – so what is the deal with the tongue?”

I think I just barely understand the “vocal folds” and then someone mentioned that I should know about the “false folds” Huh??? This is getting weird and complicated. Help!

VoiceCouncil Magazine asks Anthony F. Jahn, MD, to respond to the article, “Singing on Espresso”

“Dear Doctor Jahn: a friend told me I should never sing in my premenstrual period. Is that good advice? Or, should I just ignore it!”

I’ve heard that its “bad” to clear your throat with an “Ahem!” – is that really true?

“Dear Dr. Jahn, After I’ve had a cold or cough, once the congestion and coughing are completely gone, how much longer should it take for my voice to go back to normal?”

Dear Doctor Jahn, It’s been months and one of my ears never “popped” clear after a flight! To make things worse, when I sing it sounds like I’m wearing earplugs. I’ve had scans etc and there appears to be nothing wrong. There’s no allergies or anything else I can think of – help! Those who […]

Dr. Jahn, My band likes to play our songs in the keys that they are used to, but often those keys are too high or too low for my voice, and require me to strain. What can I tell them to help them understand why singers need to sing songs that sit well in their […]

Dear Doctor Jahn, I’m curious: I have a friend who sings in a sultry, airy voice. My voice is more clear (I think both styles are great) – but what is it, exactly, that makes her voice sound “breathy”? And could I do that??? Ken Dear Ken, What an interesting question! The answer is complex, […]

Dear Doctor Jahn – I’m just about to embark on a major European tour (2 gigs a day, seven days a week for 5 weeks) – and I don’t want my voice to fail! I’m open to any advice! -Gary Dear Gary, Touring can be stressful to your body on many levels, and before we […]

Dear Dr. Jahn, I’ve been sick for a long time – first with a sore throat followed by an infection. Then, I suffered with allergies and now I’m sick again! I tried singing earlier today and it sounded really bad – do you think I have messed up my voice? How would I know if […]

Dear Dr. Jahn, I have a student that produces a lot of phlegm (heard as a “gravel-rattle” kind of sound) in his upper range of head voice. He’s not unwell (or been unwell) so it’s not connected to a virus or bacterial infection. It’s quite disconcerting as we’ve already worked on all the obvious things […]

Dear Doctor Jahn, I want to get rid of acid reflux. In my case I am wondering if it is possible that wisdom teeth on only the bottom jaw can cause throat problems and reflux? I only have wisdom teeth on the bottom jaw and I’ve had problems with my throat closing when I sing […]

Dear Doctor Jahn, I am a teacher and singer – as a result I don’t have much chance to rest my voice. 2 months ago I had a cold, lost my voice and since then have found that both my speaking and singing voice have not recovered their full strength. Talking for too long is […]

You can get on stage with a clear head…and nose -says Dr. Jahn Oh, Dr. Jahn, I am being assaulted by Phlegm when I perform! I even hate revealing this! But when I get on stage the inner mucous production seems to go into over-drive and I am constantly clearing my throat and swallowing. I […]

Dear Dr. Jahn, I’m confused. I have developed a hoarse voice, and saw a couple of ENT doctors. One said I had a nodule, the other one thought I had a polyp. Are they not the same thing? Confused Dear Confused, In fact, polyps and nodules of the vocal folds are quite different entities, both […]

Dear Dr. Jahn, Every time I have a gig, I worry that I will get a cold, or that my rehearsals leading up to the gig will wear out my voice for the gig. A friend told me that all my worrying could be causing some of my vocal problems! Could this be true? -Sienna […]

Dear Dr. Jahn, I’ve heard that the water you drink never actually touches your vocal folds. So why does it feel so good to drink water during my gigs, if the water isn’t even coming in contact with them? -Jerry Dear Jerry, You’re absolutely right: the water you swallow does not touch your vocal folds. […]

Dr. Jahn, I often wake up with a raspy voice (due to a cold, or acid reflux, or a late night of singing), but I have to talk all day at my job. What are some exercises or tricks to help me get my raspy voice ready for the day? -Kendra Dear Kendra, “Morning voice” […]

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