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What if we felt greatness about our singing as simply as we felt hunger or sexual desire? -asks Eric Maisel

It’s time to realize that we do not need to be passive in our search for meaning –says Eric Maisel

Know how to speak about yourself, about your strengths, and about your assets –says Eric Maisel

Beethoven sometimes took decades to make his musical decisions! -says Eric Maisel

For the sake of your performances and your life, please be on your own side –says Eric Maisel

The more you can train yourself to speak in short, crisp, powerful sentences, the bolder and braver you will become -says Eric Maisel

Want to make 2014 a better Year? Get a handle on one or more of the following top ten performers’ challenges in 2014!

Learn some strategies that work for you, pay attention to your stress levels, and when the stress builds up use your strategies to reduce your stress!

Eric Maisel shares the best ways to deal with things when your performance is judged.

Let’s take a moment to consider your relationship to your audience -says Eric Maisel

Use these strategies to keep your performances selling -says Eric Maisel

It isn’t so easy when two or more individuals, each of whom has opinions, a vision, ego needs, and an investment in the project, try to create a single entity -says Eric Maisel

Take time to explore your music in an entire new way –says Eric Maisel

Are You Trapped in “Maybe”? It is that special indecisiveness that can haunt a performer. What does being trapped in maybe sound like? Q: “Which will be your practice days this week?” A: “Maybe I can get in some singing on Tuesday and Thursday.” Q: “Will you approach some venues on your trip to New […]

Maybe there’s some big thing that you know that you need to do. Maybe it’s finally mustering your courage to perform, getting a new day job, separating from your mate or stopping your drinking. This thing feels so huge, dangerous, and consequential that you can’t get anywhere near tackling it. You have the thought “I […]

You can stop sabotaging yourself and face life with more energy – says Eric Maisel

Eric Maisel gives singers two essential ideas on staying focused.