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Looping is possibly the most important rehearsal tool for EVERY singer. The folks from the Ultimate Guide to Singing show how to use it at home.

Ever wanted to make more money from singing? Industry pros from The Ultimate Guide to Singing share top tips with singers.

Kathy & Greg reveal the Top 3 Social Media Fails from music industry insiders and share marketing tips for all singers.

Here are top tips for singing with a cold or flu – From the folks behind The Ultimate Guide to Singing.

Ever felt bewildered by all of those buttons and knobs? Recording-Mix-Mastering & FOH Engineer Wes Maebe charts a way through the confusion.

Wes explains the functions of the key controls involved in the recording process – in more than 30 seconds.

He’s 56 years old. He “failed” on The Voice. Now, his career is taking off at light speed.

Thought plugging in your mic was simple? It kinda is. But Wes Maebe reminds us of perils we must avoid.

His music career spans three decades and more than 100 million album sales. Now he speaks to VoiceCouncil Magazine.

89-year-old performing singer Frank Holder shares the insights behind is vocal power.

Jordan Reyne, whose music graces a funeral scene in The Lord of the Rings, takes us into her musical confidence.

From a singing prison guard to Beyoncé on gender roles, this past week’s singing in the news.

This Week’s Singing in the News: from breathing breakthroughs to Mandela’s funeral.

This week: From a miraculous vocal cure to Fans being ordered to “Dress Up”

It may start at the local level – make sure the audience for your singing doesn’t end there.

This week: from the influence of singing on the brain to outer space.

This week: from the evolution of the larynx to singing in hospitals

This Week: From a bartender’s debut to Israeli reality TV

This week: from Ylvis and Shatner to industry sexism.

This week: singing while surfing & vocals about outer space.

This Week: from Ariana Grande overdoing it to the power of singing in a detention camp.

This Week: from a 96-year-old lyricist to Miley’s moment – and more.

Kirsty Bertarelli’s ‘Love Is’, will be released later this year; it will be her first UK album release. The first single from the album is ‘Send Out A Message (To The World)’, on which she duets with Ronan Keating. See the video here!  13 years ago All Saints hit the number 1 spot with Black Coffee […]

OK, so it’s a little cheap to give this post the title of ‘The Secret’…as if it were just ONE THING. Life is too complex to boil things down that way. Yet, I think there’s a way to sum success up – as long we use a paradox. It has taken me four years of […]

Here is the audio visual nitty-gritty of the singing vid “One Grain More”

We’ve made some changes at VoiceCouncil to help you get the info you need.

These common tests are used by vocal teachers all over the world. They do not cover every aspect of singing technique but they do put a few critical areas to the test. Try them now.

“We don’t need no education” packs a powerful lesson –says Greg Barker The other morning my kids were complaining about the school day ahead. This opened up the glorious privilege of introducing them to a part of Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’: “We Don’t Need No Education. We Don’t Need No Thought Control…Hey, […]

What does it take to make your audience remember your singing? We discuss the answers.

Is the sense of pressure and rush eroding your creativity? –asks Greg Barker Simon & Garfunkel knew that the most revealing aspects of our lives happen at the borders. The borders: those parts of our days that do not seem important, that few ever see. That moment when we step out of the door but […]