Articles by Greg Barker

Looping is possibly the most important rehearsal tool for EVERY singer. The folks from the Ultimate Guide to Singing show how to use it at home.

Ever wanted to make more money from singing? Industry pros from The Ultimate Guide to Singing share top tips with singers.

Kathy & Greg reveal the Top 3 Social Media Fails from music industry insiders and share marketing tips for all singers.

Here are top tips for singing with a cold or flu – From the folks behind The Ultimate Guide to Singing.

Ever felt bewildered by all of those buttons and knobs? Recording-Mix-Mastering & FOH Engineer Wes Maebe charts a way through the confusion.

Wes explains the functions of the key controls involved in the recording process – in more than 30 seconds.

He’s 56 years old. He “failed” on The Voice. Now, his career is taking off at light speed.

Thought plugging in your mic was simple? It kinda is. But Wes Maebe reminds us of perils we must avoid.

His music career spans three decades and more than 100 million album sales. Now he speaks to VoiceCouncil Magazine.

89-year-old performing singer Frank Holder shares the insights behind is vocal power.