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I’m curious – I have a friend who sings in a sultry, airy voice. My voice is more clear (I think both styles are great) – but what is it, exactly, that makes her voice sound “breathy”? And could I do that??? Ken Dear Ken, I am coming from a vocal coach angle – just […]

Leontine Hass Shares Insights on Hit Boy Opera-Pop Group Blake for All of Us.

Dear Leontine, I had vocal cord surgery to remove a cyst recently. Unfortunately, I felt I had no other option as my voice quality had been severely impacted and the cyst did not shrink with other types of therapy. My ENT has advised me to start speaking again very gradually and after some time, attempt […]

This is always a tricky one if you are a professional singer.

Nothing can take the place of performance practice -says Leontine Hass Dear Leontine, I am having a lot of issues with my confidence. When I get up to sing my abdomen literally starts shaking. My voice becomes impossible to control and I cannot sing as well as I can by myself. Is there anything I […]

Hi Leontine: I have a show to sing at this Tuesday. Yesterday, my voice started getting funny; I did not pay attention and kept on practicing. When I woke up this morning, my throat hurt and my voice…well, I can’t sing. It is so bad and sounds so hoarse. I am very worried. I have […]

Dear Leontine, Can you explain properly what happened to Julie Andrews’ voice? Other people seem to recover from a vocal cord injury. Or, is there another situation going on? -John Dear John, Before I attempt to answer your question, a few caveats. First, some details of Julie Andrews’ vocal issues relating to her surgery are […]

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Try one of the many effective tools to help you remember your lyrics – says Leontine Hass

Be aware of the special support needed with Belting -says Leontine Hass.

A tired voice needs to be ‘worked’ just the right way –says Leontine Hass

Discover the ways to fix your pitch when emotion is taking over -says Leontine Hass

A state of awareness is better than a state of ‘trying too hard’ -says Leontine Hass

Allow yourself to fail in situations that do not affect your career –says Leontine Hass

Show-stopping vocal dynamics are within your reach -says Leontine Hass

Singers need to know the ‘feel’ of proper breath support – says Vocal Coach Leontine Hass.

When singing becomes academic, it’s time to get the feeling back -says Leontine Hass

Go on a journey and discover what you passionately want to perform -says Leontine Hass

Make some fundamental changes so you can sing over the long haul.

What level of fitness is ideal for vocalists?

Leaving your voice to guess work only increases your stress.

Singing freely, without unnecessary stress on the larynx, is the goal.

Classical or Contemporary? 10 minutes or 1 hour? Scales or melodic exercises? Leontine Hass shares the best ways to warm-up your voice.

It’s time to think of yourself as an artist—not a student.

“When I’m on stage my performance is seldom as confident as in the studio – help!”

How low should singers go with their larynx?

Escaping the “flat” tone is essential for all vocalists. Leontine Hass shows the way…

Leontine Hass warns singers that there’s a price to pay for cutting corners with the voice…

Leontine Hass tells singers: “Stop being worthy but damnably uninspiring. Be astonishing and allow your audience to observe glorious talent and commitment.”

Vocal Coach Q & A with…
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This week Leontine answers a question on how to overcome a “tight” and “husky” voice.