articles by Rachel Bennett

An agent had sent Abby for an audition for a musical that involves singers acting out animal roles.

Martina was auditioning for agents and sending demos ‘out there’ but was getting no positive feedback.

Jamie was developing a warm and lush timbre but his intonation fell very short of the mark.

Gina, 23, had been a big fish in a small pond; then she came out to sea!

Lyle was a young, gifted singer-actor who would often delete entire lines of verses.

Sabrina was carefree and wild on stage but was struggling with the vocal precision required in the studio.

Hazel’s function band insisted that she deliver the covers in a fairly rigid arrangement, so she was tense and nervous right from the outset!

Linda was talented but her voice became “thin” and “reedy” in public – she needed an infusion of presence.

Cheryll had a great voice and powerful original songs but was in danger of singing only in the shower -says Rachel Bennett

Alice, 43, was about to discover that her wobbly voice had little to do with age…

Markey, 22 years old, was making his singing too hard for himself – and failing to hit higher range.

He had settled into a “sleepy and breathy” sound but Mike wanted to liven up his act…

The Case: The one-dimensional voice The Singer: Lianna, 25 years of age, working as a legal PA and doing open mic slots on the London circuit For you? Do you ever find you want to more effectively make the sounds that you hear in your head? Case Summary: Lianna was getting great feedback about her […]

The Case: A very tense jaw The Singer: Larry was 23 years old, in his final year of a three-year undergraduate course in contemporary music; he was presenting five songs for his final showcase. For you? Anyone who has to locate an area of tension and reduce its effects. Case Summary: Larry had begun to […]

The Case: The Traumatized Voice The Singer: Carlene, 21 years old, in training and in dress rehearsal for her graduate showcase where agents would be present For you? Here’s a rescue-remedy for anyone who has to perform and can’t find their voice due to trauma or nerves. Case Summary: Carlene was due on stage but […]

Rachel Bennett probes the lack of vocal presence in an aspiring singer

The Case: The wayward mouth! The Singer: Emanuel, 28 years old, great writer but couldn’t get the lyrics out clearly on the beat! Case Summary: Emmanuel was attending a part time vocals course as a writer/rapper but was experiencing extreme frustration with diction – constantly tongue tied and unable to deliver his insightful lyrics For […]

Dave was studying production, writing electronic music and wanted to sing over it live in performance; his voice was letting him down.

The Case: An over – ‘affected’ delivery The Singer: Anita, 18 years old Case Summary: Anita was studying Performing Arts at FE level and was continually achieving low grades for performance assessments. She decided to seek outside help in her summer vacation. Any singer who wants to find the ‘real you’ in their voice can […]

Rachel Bennett probes the lack of vocal power in an aspiring singer

Rachel Bennett probes a case of unnatural, forced singing The Singer: Tanika, 19 years old performing at open mics and wanting to go solo and get gigs as an R&B singer Case Summary: Tanika was concerned that her voice was ‘tired’ a lot of the time with a slightly ‘raspy’ sound on production. She had […]

The Singer: Maria, 23 years old, an actress/singer Case Summary: Maria had graduated from a two year course at a performing arts school where there was no focus on 1:1 vocal training; she wanted to find power in her voice for upcoming auditions. A Timid Sound I noted that Maria had a soft speaking voice […]

The Singer: Leyla, 21 years old with aspirations and seeking insight from many vocal coaches Case Summary: Leyla arrived with a level of frustration at what she called her ‘school choir’ voice. She was unable to produce vibrato and felt that her voice sounded ‘young’. She had made several unsuccessful

The Case: A Lost Ear The Singer: Alex, 18 years old, a musical theatre student. Case Summary: Alex arrived on the course with exceptionally poor pitch but was accepted because of his dance skills. He was tense and anxious so I decided to take the music outside of his body for a while. A Lost […]

Learn how to sing with feeling across genres. Rachel Bennett shows the way.

“Sometimes one creative idea can move you past months of performance blocks” –says Rachel Bennett

Sandra wanted to get more singing gigs but faced a huge challenge with her vibrato dropping her out of tune.