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I don’t think you have to experience everything you write about to make it believable -says Sarah Bella

You can find a way through creative lows into new ideas and inspiration -says Sarah Bella

The struggle of songwriters today: you want to appeal to the masses with something familiar yet you want your song to stand out as unique.

The best songs seem to grab you right in the beginning -says Sarah Bella

Write your songs with a heart that feels rather than with a mind that analyzes -says Sara Bella

I know the areas I’ve got down, and I know where I need some work. Lyrics come easiest for me…I always have some sort of line already in my head when I pick up the guitar. So, I usually don’t second-guess myself when the words start flowing. I will, however, try out a variety of […]

Understanding the construction of a song can really help with the writing process. A typical song consists of a few key components: verse, pre-chorus (sometimes), chorus, and a bridge. I like to think of each part of a song as a body part, making up one body. It should all go together. The verse should […]

Keep going, even when you’re completely blank -says Sarah Bella Have songs you’re embarrassed to say you wrote? I know I do, but at the end of the day, these “bad” ones are good practice; continue to push yourself even when it if feels like you’ve got nothing. Write everyday and be fearless. Even on […]

You may not have a choice of location when a song strikes you, but if you’re planning ahead of time to sit down and write, think about your location. Where you are can be very influential in your songwriting. Near a park or lake? Perfect spot to write relaxing or slow tempo songs. Stuck in […]

If you’re serious about songwriting, you have to know who you’re writing for. Who is listening to your music? Knowing your audience will help set goals and give you a sense of direction while writing. While you may understand what you’re expressing in a song, ask yourself if your audience will. How will your listeners […]

For many songwriters, the music and lyrics don’t come out at the same time. You may have amazing lyrics but no music, or powerful music but no words. When you have one piece of the puzzle don’t settle for a “so so” other half. When those lyrics are matched to the perfect music, it is […]

Sarah Bella recommends an experiment to move your songwriting forward. When your notepad is blank, and you just can’t seem to fill it, try to role play. Think of an artist you are inspired by and try to write a song that the artist would sing. It may help to steer you in a new […]

You’ve just finished a new song and what a great feeling that is. Then you ask yourself, it is any good? I write constantly and the majority of my songs will probably never have an audience. Songwriting is like a muscle that always needs to be strengthened. But after many “so so” songs comes a […]

You’ve landed a gig, Congrats! Next step is deciding not only what to play but what order to play it. There are times when I decided to feed off of a crowd and play whatever felt right, but

When a melody or line strikes you, record it asap! I have dozens of garage band recordings that are nothing but a few lines here and there that come to me throughout the day. You never know which one will turn into your next hit! Same thing with lyrics. Always have a notepad on hand […]

It may be time for some new sources of inspiration –says Sarah Bella Have all your songs started to sound the same? It’s one thing to have a style; that is a great thing to possess! As an artist, all the songs you release should stay in the style or genre you are going for. […]

I happen to be a Shakespeare fan, but I like to keep him at the theater. The best songs speak the way we do, with a few clever twists here and there. If you want to say “I love you”, actually saying it might not be the worst idea. While poetry is beautiful, it can […]

It happens to the best of us; after all, it’s impossible to be creative constantly. There is a way, however, to bounce right back in! Try picking out a title for your new song before you do anything else. While I usually don’t know the title of my songs until I start writing, switching the […]

Share your unique vision of the world –says Sarah Bella

It’s easy to get in to this situation: you start off with a clever verse that rhymes well, or is really unique, then you stop. What do you do then? They key to moving forward in your songwriting is

It’s just so important not to get stuck, blocked, bogged down, beaten flummoxed or phased.

I want to smell the coffee and see the cream with lyrics –says Sarah Bellah.