Articles by Wes Maebe

Wes Maebe shares some tips for all vocalists from the studio.

“When does compression become too much of a good thing on your recorded vocals?” -Wes Maebe offers some answers.

Wes Maebe explains what compression is, how it works – and how to keep it from getting out of control.

In today’s climate you need to deliver the final product –says Wes Maebe

Getting the recording environment right for vocals always pays off – says Wes Maebe I’ve come across several recording situations where all the energy and focus has been spent on recording all the instruments. Weeks or even months are dedicated to recording the backing tracks, overdubs, solos and then at the end of the studio […]

Hey Wes, I’ve got a basement full of great gear. What does a pro studio have that I don’t? -Simon Hi Simon: I can sum up the answer in four words: Expertise, Acoustics, Vibe and Focus. Recording studios cost millions to build. The planning of the layout, the aesthetic and acoustic design of the recording […]

The Demo days are over –says Wes Maebe It’s long been a dream of many vocalists to “get signed” by a big label. Yet, the reality is that this far less likely to come true for fewer singers “as time goes by”. Falling revenues and a drastic change in the business models have led to […]

Tweaking your tuning may not transform your performance -says Wes Maebe Back To The Future 1997 saw the release of an audio processor called Antares Auto-Tune; the following year it hit the market big time with Cher’s hit “Believe”. “And the rest,” as they say, “is history.” T-Pain regurgitated the effect with great success in […]

Wes Maebe makes the case for and against a vocal coach in the studio.

Too much precious money gets flushed down the studio drain –says Wes Maebe When you’ve made the decision to pay for a professional studio you don’t want to waste your money. And I’ve seen some money being wasted. There was a time when record labels threw budgets around by the truckload. You could spend years […]