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Singers on Singing: ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

In this short clip ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic reveals that, earlier in his life, “I didn’t particularly like the sound of my own voice.” –says Lisa Popeil.

Bring Laughter Back into Your Singing Life

Being able to laugh is a “must” for getting through life –says singer/songwriter Judith Owen

Recovering From Having To Be a Famous Singer

There’s a life for your singing beyond fame and fortune -says Deborah Weitzman

Bob Blakeley’s Big Singing Break

He’s 56 years old. He “failed” on The Voice. Now, his career is taking off at light speed.

Creating Organic and Inorganic Soundscapes

Jordan Reyne, whose music graces a funeral scene in The Lord of the Rings, takes us into her musical confidence.

ReConnected on Singing

This chart topping vocal group shares how they are staying on top – with their larynxes.

John Waite on Singing

Acclaimed artist of the Babys and Bad English reveals the tips and tricks behind his vocal success.

Cami Bradley on Singing

America’s Got Talent Finalist Cami Bradley shares the perspiration and inspiration behind her music.

Tom Keifer on Singing

Cinderella’s front man reveals his insights on the factors behind great vocals.

A Perfect Voice Under Pressure

A leading vocal group from NBC’s The Sing-Off share their secrets to the perfectly prepared performance voice.