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The Real Neil Sedaka

A singing legend shares his heart with singers in this exclusive interview with VoiceCouncil.

Troy Sanders – Getting Metal in Your Voice

Troy Sanders of Mastodon on the power of warming up.

Keith Urban Gets His Voice Back

Megan Gloss shows how you can avoid vocal injuries that affect popular singers.

Whitney Houston’s Final Vocal Work

She had one of the strongest vocal muscles I’ve ever worked with –says Gary Catona

NEW Vocal Coach in Residence: Shlomo

It’s not just his voice – it’s his mouth.

Garfunkel’s Elusive Voice

Check out this new piece in our Vocal Injury 101 Series -by Megan Gloss

Teaching Voice to “Michael Jackson”

The King of Pop reaches out to all singers with some important vocal lessons.

The Vocal Passion and Perseverance of Ruby Turner

When you come across a singer who has performed with some of the greatest groups of all time—and continues to tour, produce albums and to push herself in new creative directions— you want to ask: where do you get all your energy? Can you put it in a bottle and give it to me?

Hell, Damnation and Vocal Technique – Chuck Billy of Testament

When Chuck Billy belts out Metal music with his characteristic death-sounds, he is treating his voice with care. VoiceCouncil caught up with Chuck on his European Tour with Judas Priest and Megadeth to ask him how his voice has survived a Metal career.

Tiffany Jo Allen’s Web Whirlwind

She is one of the most watched vocalists on YouTube. In an exclusive interview for VoiceCouncil, Tiffany Jo Allen shares how she connects her art with a rapidly expanding fan base.