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The Singer Who Needed to Grow Up

Gina, 23, had been a big fish in a small pond; then she came out to sea!

The Ideal Work Out for a Singer?

“Dr. Jahn: I have a group of friends who are “fitness freaks” and each into something different – one swears by pilates another weightlifting…”

Recording Vocals & Proximity Effect – Tips

Wes Maebe shares some tips for all vocalists from the studio.

To Compress or Not to Compress…

Within the same second, singers may jump from a subtle phrase to a needle-pegging, engineer-torturing high note -says Bill Gibson

Songwriting & “Late Deciding”

Beethoven sometimes took decades to make his musical decisions! -says Eric Maisel

The Case of the Forgotten Lyrics

Lyle was a young, gifted singer-actor who would often delete entire lines of verses.

Hemorrhoid Cream on Your Throat?

“I heard a coach say that you can apply an anti-inflammatory ointment such as a hemorrhoid cream right on the outside of your throat??”

The Whole Truth About Water and Singing?

Dr. Jahn, everyone always says “drink water well before your gig” – but it always feels good to drink water as I’m performing! So I am wondering if this is not the whole truth!

The Case of the Pitchy Voice

Sabrina was carefree and wild on stage but was struggling with the vocal precision required in the studio.

Trust Yourself More

For the sake of your performances and your life, please be on your own side –says Eric Maisel