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The Case of the Poor Ear

Jamie was developing a warm and lush timbre but his intonation fell very short of the mark.

Can You Perform with a Raging Fever?

“Dr. Jahn: I don’t have time to be sick – I gig 6 nights a week! But here I am with a temperature (102), sore throat…”

Share Your Music in a Better Venue – 5 Steps

Know how to speak about yourself, about your strengths, and about your assets –says Eric Maisel

How Soon Can I Sing After Surgery?

“Dr. Jahn – I have some gigs coming up and want to know what kind of voice rest (total?) I need before I can sing !”

The Singer Who Needed to Grow Up

Gina, 23, had been a big fish in a small pond; then she came out to sea!

The Ideal Work Out for a Singer?

“Dr. Jahn: I have a group of friends who are “fitness freaks” and each into something different – one swears by pilates another weightlifting…”

Recording Vocals & Proximity Effect – Tips

Wes Maebe shares some tips for all vocalists from the studio.

To Compress or Not to Compress…

Within the same second, singers may jump from a subtle phrase to a needle-pegging, engineer-torturing high note -says Bill Gibson

Songwriting & “Late Deciding”

Beethoven sometimes took decades to make his musical decisions! -says Eric Maisel

The Case of the Forgotten Lyrics

Lyle was a young, gifted singer-actor who would often delete entire lines of verses.