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Erin Geary – Chandelier cover

Erin Geary shares her cover of Chandelier.

Proper Sound – Come Fly With Me cover

Proper Sound shares their cover of ‘Come Fly With Me’.

Antonette Marie – Chandelier cover

Antonette Marie shares her cover of ‘Chandelier’.

Dara Tucker – The Nearness of You cover

Vocal coach comments from Rachel Lebon: Appreciated that you’re performing musically and convincingly in a variety of styles and with beautiful sensitivity. Regardless of style, the lyrics shine through, and the music and lyrics are synthesized into a beautiful whole. You negotiate your vocal range naturally with good coordination and have a great rhythmic sense […]

James Hartley – In My Life cover

James Hartley shares his cover of ‘In My Life’.

Kat Eaton – Chandelier cover

Kat shares her cover of ‘Chandelier’.

fernando – Yesterday cover

Fernando shares his cover of ‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles.

Clevanne Caday – Billie Jean cover

Clevanne Caday shares his cover of ‘Billie Jean’.

Matt Iverson – Radar Love cover

Matt Iverson shares his cover of ‘Radar Love’.

Shay Morelli – When I Was Your Man cover

Shay Morelli shares her cover of ‘When I Was Your Man’.