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Shay Morelli – When I Was Your Man cover

Shay Morelli shares her cover of ‘When I Was Your Man’.

Chelsey Johnson – Stay With Me cover

Chelsey Johnson shares her cover of ‘Stay With Me’

Julien Sardon – She’s Out Of My Life cover

Julien Sardon shares his cover of ‘She’s Out Of My Life’.

wooil – Story Of My Life cover

wooil shares his cover of ‘Story Of My Life’,

Krystal Isidore McCall – Rollinng In The Deep cover

Krystal Isidore McCall shares her cover of ‘Rolling in the Deep’.

hanhee lee – In The Jungle cover

hanhee lee shares

Scott Lloyd – Blackbird cover

Scott Lloyd shares his cover of ‘BlackBird’

Julie – Touch the Sky cover

Julie shares her cover of ‘Touch the Sky’ from the film ‘Brave’.

Drew Storey – Real Love cover

Drew Storey shares his cover of ‘Real Love’.

Jdee Early – When Will My Life Begin cover

Jdee Early shares her cover of ‘When Will My Life Begin’ from Disney’s Tangled.