July 20th, 2010 | by Greg Barker

Christen Sawyer – ASHES (original)

Bio: I’m a 21 year old singer/songwriter with an uncontrollable passion for music. I could listen to it, sing it, watch it, or write it all day long! Although I’ve been a singer since I was 12 years old, I just recently stumbled into the live red dirt music scene. After recording a demo CD in 2008, I teamed up with the wonderful Gerrie McDowell (Gerrieco Texas Promotions) to release my first single Crazy to radio. Fresh onto the scene I kept my expectations low I was absolutely shocked as I watched it rise to #20 on the Texas Music Chart! At that time I started playing acoustic shows around Texas, and am now preparing for my first full-band tour.

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  • Avelyne

    Hey Christen,

    I really love the melody and the lyrics! :) You've got an amazing voice. I really like your kind of music! It's really an amazing song! :)


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