Topic: Help Getting those high notes lol!!!!!

Ok so I'm a post grunge style singer like brent smith, chris daughtry etc. I've got all the power, tone, correct grit technique all that down and I'm comfortable up to about an A4 but once I try for the Bb B and C wich are hit by a lot of my "idols" I can hit them but I lose a lot of volume and the note is very strained and sounds more like a rasp with a hint of the note ans becomes very grunty. I'm a belt style singer but I know the guys I sound like are to and they seem to be able to hit it so I'm just wondering what I'm doing wrong. I have a feeling it's a simple fix that I'm just missing. I know you'll say air support but I've been true to everything in Jamies book about breathing and having enough support an power has never been an issue. Please help lol I'll attatch a vid of me doing simple man so you can analyze.

I'm singing and playing here this was just like a one take thing for the hell of it but listen to the "be satisfied" part to see what I'm talking about.

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Re: Help Getting those high notes lol!!!!!

oh and I couldn't hear my self while recording this so I know it's pithcy. lol

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Re: Help Getting those high notes lol!!!!!

I miss learning something new just for the hell of it. ... It feels like change is — well not here, really, not on the horizon, or even on his way. ... but  the best part was just talking and talking and talking and talking. ... It's really upsetting, but I'm glad they're giving me any hours at all.

Re: Help Getting those high notes lol!!!!!

Do you push down with your stomach muscles like you're using the bathroom? Haha. Or, doing a "tush tuck" as my voice teacher calls it? These sound silly, but they really help a lot. smile