Topic: How to add "sexiness" in the singing?

Hola amigos! I'm new at this forum which I'm glad to be registered.
All right, I will go to the point. One of the most difficult and enriching things at the time of singing is the "color" of voice. You know, those "hues" that transmit you a feeling or another. I sing usually metal, but is not desirable to me to limit my voice range to a single genre.

This song is one of the sexiest for me, so I had to sing it as such. I put my energy to try to sing as if I wanted to seduce a girl sensually. Which advices would you give me to improve the sexiness?

Thank you in advance!

Re: How to add "sexiness" in the singing?

are two solutions: either you operate on the vocal cords or do you sing from another !!

Re: How to add "sexiness" in the singing?

I am producer and i basically use izoptope product for making songs much smother because i like them.