VoiceCouncil Forum Rules

Any post you make should be relevant to the forum topic.

Company Posts: Many TC-Helicon and other companies' products are encouraged to be discussed on this forum. Companies may clarify posts that they believe are misleading, but will inform in the post that it is the company posting a message.

Product Support: Many TC-Helicon and other companies' products are encouraged to be discussed on this forum. Technical Support staff for TC-Helicon and other companies do not frequent the forum to offer support.

Please visit www.tcsupport.tc for immediate support on TC-Helicon products.

Do not advertise. The VoiceCouncil forum is not a platform for plugging or advertising your products and services any postings that are advertisements will be deleted.

Do not post messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or are otherwise of questionable content (if you have to ask, the answer is 'No.')

Maintain respect for others and refrain from insults or belittling other peoples postings.

Use descriptive and appropriate titles when creating a thread. Titles such as, “Help!” “OMG WHAT DO I DO!!?1?@” and “L4m3rS Ar3 5tup1D…” will not generate helpful responses, and ultimately cause more work for users trying to find threads on a given topic.

Post new threads in the most suitable section. Read the section descriptions before starting a thread to ensure you are posting in the right place.

Post "stacking" or "bumping" is generally discouraged. If no one cared the first time, they probably won't care the second.

Help other members assist you with your problem by posting all relevant information about the problem you are experiencing. Steps, work flow and previous trouble-shoots will generate a helpful response.

Failure to meet these rules can result in a post deletion, thread closure, ban, or site wide IP blocking.

Important note Please make sure your security/privacy settings are set to default or minimized so that your browser will accept cookies to prevent any issues with registration or login.