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I notice some talk on this forum about headset mikes. Unfortunately, most concerns very expensive gear that is probably out of my budget.

I have a fairly decent sound system (mixer, active speakers, TC Helicon VL2, etc). But I only use it home for karaoke. I am also not a very good singer, but I enjoy the karaoke a lot.

I have a 4 mic wireless system that I got off ebay that works ok - but they are rather feedback prone. Rather wide pickup pattern, I presume. I also use a couple of wired SM58 clones that I really like and are generally my main mics. The wireless system also came with a Lavalier mic (clips onto the shirt). This is totally useless - so much feedback it is unusable (which is why I have concerns with getting a headset mic).

I am thinking to add a headset mic to the mix - seems better than sitting there holding a mic all night. But I do not want to spend the earth. ie no Sennheiser, Shure, etc.

Since I have my system setup in my 'media room' at home, the speakers are facing me from the far wall (on speaker stands). They are normal PA active foldback speakers, 300W each. So they pump a lot of sound out.

I am thinking that I will need to look at headset mics that minimise feedback. ie cardiod types. Is this correct? 

I already have a wireless system and the lavalier transmitter - if I can find a suitable headset with a standard 3.5mm plug, that would be the cheapest option.

I can get the Skype type headsets that are used on PCs - they at least have the right plug. But I presume that they will be rather poor. They also come with earphones, which is no good.

I have seen a lot of cheap wireless mics around for 'PA, speakers, teachers', but they seem to be omnidirectional. I am guessing that these types of mics are not for me either. Is this correct?

Perhaps one model that might suit my budget is the Behringer UL2000B.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Headset mic?

you can search in ebay there are many good systems available in your market . choose what suites you best .