Topic: Those Jack White style vocals

I'm conscious that a lot of the vocal sounds that I love are quite distorted.  The most obvious would be anything that Jack White has anything to do with, White Stripes and Dead Weather particularly. I've played with the VL2 and never really managed to get close to that raw distortion, and when I get anywhere near it, I have real issues with the PA coping without lots of feedback.  Any tips on 1) getting the sound in the first place, and 2) being able to use it would be really useful.



Re: Those Jack White style vocals

Jack White is famous for using tube guitar amps on his vocals.  The Transducer block in the FX section is designed to emulate these sounds, and there is no easy answer to this because distortion is unique for each voice.  A guitar amp acts like a filter, even if you don't crank the distortion, so start with a clean tone and get as close to the tone you want just by using the High Pass and Low Pass filters in the transducer block.  Then experiment with small amounts of distortion - there are plenty of types to choose from, just find something that works best.  Digital distortion is never quite the same as tubes, so close enough is the best you can hope for.  Distortion FX (of any type) all increase the gain of the device, so this makes feedback more likely.  The only solution is to move the mic closer to your lips, or get a mic with better rejection of unwanted sound (or both), and to improve the location of your monitors.  Maybe go with In Ear Monitors instead. 

You don't need very much distortion - use as little as possible.

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