Topic: VoiceTone Singles - X1 and E1

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone has a date for the release of these two new products???

I know it is 'summer' 2011 but any dates more specific would be great! Very keen to get my hands on them!

Thanks in advance..

Re: VoiceTone Singles - X1 and E1

Just order both of these today , excited to see them in action... lil worried about fedback with the X1 let me know if you have used this and what your experience is with them Cheers!

Re: VoiceTone Singles - X1 and E1

Hey there! Just got my X1 yesterday. I do vocals for my band and needed something to simulate a telephone effect and megaphone effect. Seems simple enough for live applications. Any success? Tip? Suggestions? I'm already diggin' this pedal.