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On the voice live Touch how can I hook it into my USB Behringer 2442 mixer? What goes to where from where. Also how do I program the switch-3 footpedal. Last question is can I plug the Microphone in the mixer instead of the Voice Live Touch?

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You can do it several ways with the use of your Behringer desk.

1)Hook up the microphone into the mic-in on the VL2.
2)Plug your guitar in the guitar in on the VL2 and/or run MIDI-out from your keyboard to MIDI-in on the VL2 and/or connect an aux out from your Behringer desk and hook it up to the AUX-in. (The aux out on the Behringer is used to send music to the VL2 in order to determin the harmonies)
3)Connect the main-out from the VL2 to a stereo-input on your Behringer desk.
4)Make sure that you DON'T send any signal from the stereochannel connected to the VL2 on the Behry to the aux-out you used to feed aux in on the VL2! (you'll create a feedback loop if you do)

1)Plug your microphone into the Behry desk.
2)Connect aux-out 1 on the Behry to the line-in on the VL2.
3)On the Behry desk make sure you send only the signal from your microphone-channel to aux 1.
3)Plug whatever instruments you use into the Behry desk
4)Connect aux-out 2 on the Behry to the aux-in on the VL2
5)Send any music channel you want to use to determin harmonies tothe VL2, using aux 2 on the Behry.
6) Connect main out on the VL2 to a stereo input on the Behry.
7)Make sure that you DON'T send any signal from the stereochannel connected to the VL2 on the Behry to either aux 1 or aux 2! (you'll create a feedback loop if you do)

I don't have the footswitch, so I can't help you with that one.

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Just noticed you have a Voicelive Touch... Guess I didn't realize which forum I was checking big_smile

You can still use the set-ups I described earlier. But make sure you don't feed the microphone input on the VL2 too hot when you connect it to a line level signal from your mixing desk!

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Re: Mixer hookups

Mike thank you very much. I read everything I am lost but I will try to figure it out. If I don't use a mixer does the VL touch amplipy itself where I don't need an amp? Also I am not playing any instruments at all. Which recommendation to you recommend?

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Hiya Jaye,

You don't necessarily need a mixer but you will need amplification of some sort if you intend to play live. You can also use headphones with the VoiceLive Touch.

Also, if you are wanting harmonies and not using an instrument to trigger them you can always set key / scale or use the aux input for a backing source.

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Joey thank you for the info. I am only using headphones and Bose Companion 5 Speakers which has it's own built in sound card. What I usually do is when I am singing internet karaoke I have been using a Behringer FX Xenyx 2442 USB mixer that has FX effects. Where I am lost is if I don't need the mixer is there a USB amplifier or something that could be used because I have to be able to play the source from my computer to hear the song play and playback? I have 16 pre-amps on this huge mixer and I am using one input. With the VLT I will not be using any special effects built into the Behringer mixer.

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Re: Mixer hookups

if it's internet karaoke, why not just have audio out of computer into aux in on vlt to trigger the harmonies, then usb out to computer to your recording software. you wouldn't even need the mixing board really