Topic: Voiceworks plus, latency on lead?

If i sing there is no latency on "dry"
But if i turn the volume from "lead" up or "model" there is about 60msec latency.
So i hear first the DRY and then the WET signal with about 60msec between.
Is this normal?

the latency is there if the "harmony/model" button is active

so there is a +-60msec delay on the modelling...

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Re: Voiceworks plus, latency on lead?

you can easely check this:

turn the TC on
choose preset 39 (low rider)
go te EDIT
set L.8 to NO STYLE
set S.0 to amount 0 (so there will be no chroma shift)
put the FX button OFF
set D.V (dry level) tot 0db

so now the model is a replica from your original voice without changes...

Now i get a 50 / 60 msec delay on the "model", is this normal?
is it possible for somewone te check this...

you hear the difference if you put the HARMONY/MODEL button on and off

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