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A very simple question, is there a way to let the Guitar FX not disappear in the guitar Thru?

I think that should be the case, as they can be disabled in any case if one does not want them.
It could be important if i want to send 3 different outputs to the main mixer as

- Dry voice  (main output R in "Dual mono mode")
- Voice harmonies (main output L with "Lead mute ON")
- Guitar + effects (guitar thru)

so that a sound guy can use 3 different channels to adjust relative volumes "on the fly".


Re: Guitar FX in Guitar THRU

Sorry for the add, i forgot to say that in this way i could send to my personal on stage monitor mixer only the dry voice & guitars, eliminating the harmonies (or maybe putting them at a much lower and independent volume).

Of course if anybody has got a different solution, it would be great if he could share!!


Re: Guitar FX in Guitar THRU


Re: Guitar FX in Guitar THRU

Hi Luis,

The Guitar Thru was specifically designed to pass guitar directly out to an amp/fx chain and not meant for the internal effects. To output the internal effects, I'd use Dual Mono mode.


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Hello Craig,
thanks for the answer, i was just thinking that it would be a nice add to have, and it would make the voicelive 2 even more flexible.

There is also another question i would like to ask: about the "mono" mode. i quote the manual:

>> In MONO mode, the Left output is the summed mono mix of VoiceLive 2 including effects. The Right output is dry with only Tone applied to the MIC or LINE input signal. This is useful when a live sound engineer wants to control the balance of wet/dry mix at the mix position. In this case, set LEAD MUTE to ON. <<

it sounds great, that is what i want to do! but my problem now is that when plugging in the fx in voicelive 2, the distorted voice comes out as "wet signal" doubling the dry voice.

How can i have a single distorted voice then?

Thanks for your patience!