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Start with a lawyer, manager and greatest PR you can find- be ready to eat Dirt, kiss ***  and then pray that you've chosen a lawyer,manager and accountant that hasn't robbed you blind.

I actually think that entertainers can rob as much as lawyers, managers, and accountants.  Dog-eat-dog business world out there.

Realistically, my opinion is that the singing or entertaining skills are commonly secondary, and the promotions skills are primary to success.   Thereby, promotions should be better paid than singing or entertainment skills.  It's also more difficult and a lot less fun; thereby deserving of higher pay.

What do you think?

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Re: Promotions versus singing skills

well honestly if you are a hands on promoter/agent  i've seen some get 40% and are well worth it 60% of 50 million would be better then 80-85 percent of nothing lol most get 12-20 % but also nothing up front- so they don't make money unless they are making you money( I'm speaking of the high end legit promoters - not the little promo company that charge you upfront, send you to their photographer- then to their brother for a demo and pass you on to 10 different sharks doing nothing for you- legitimate agents and promoters generally don't take anything upfront and if they believe in you they my even put in from their own pocket. So If you have a hands on promoter in your court personally I'd even give him half if he can get the job done- but nothing unless he can meet certain pre-determined  agreements - you can work out a slidescale agreement i.e 12% until a certain level of sales,booking etc and then up and or re-negotiate. Again ithis is with a Great promoter thats hands on. unfortunately some of the promoters I know (large scale ) don't ever even meet the client and in those situation no i don't think they should be paid much- those companies just kind of sub contract to anther sub-contractor even through 6-7- or more sub-contracter they are great promoters not because they are actually great promoters more because thet lucked out with a few clients which brought them many and the only ones you hear about are the successful ones the other 90+ percent that they haven't really succeeded in promoting fall to the wayside. so with those kind of large scale companies it's statistical a certain percent do well the rest don't and it's not due to the promo being great as much as just a statistical mergin of success- again if you can get one of the great ones interested and back of you- i say pay them very well even more then they ask- but nothing up front!

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Re: Promotions versus singing skills

I would like to see a music business that is less about promotion and marketing, and more about talent and creativity. Am I alone here?

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Re: Promotions versus singing skills

good luck- i've been liking to see that for 25 years- i wish

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