Topic: Connecting the Helicon Voice to a PA

Just recently picked up the Helicon Voicelive for my U2 tribute band Desire. This machine is amazing but extremely new to me.

For starters, I have the singers mic plugged into the unit, do I plug the L/R of the unit into the PA effects loop?

I'm a bass player so all this PA stuff and connecting is new to me...

Thanx smile

Re: Connecting the Helicon Voice to a PA

No, not the PA effects loop, go out the Voicelive unit and straight into whatever PA channel you normally connect him to. You're basically just putting an effects pedals between the mic and the PA board like you would a floor effects pedal from your bass to your amp.

Singers mic > Voicelive > PA channel

Make sure you use a mic cable for hookup from the Voicelive to the PA. There's less noise that way. Its a great effects pedal, enjoy!

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Kevin Richards

Re: Connecting the Helicon Voice to a PA

Along those lines, if I want to add a nice tube preamp to my vocal chain, where would it fit in if I'm also using a Helicon doubler pedal - before or after the Helicon?

Re: Connecting the Helicon Voice to a PA

I would suggest a slightly different way to hook up the VL2.

Mic --> Tube pre-amp --> line-in on mixing desk
AUX 1 out on mixing desk --> line-in on VL2
AUX 2 out on mixing desk --> AUX-in on VL2
line-out on VL2 --> stereo input channel on mixing desk

where AUX 1 is used to send the microphone signal and AUx 2 is used to send all instruments VL2 is to use to determine harmony parts.