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My Voice is Cracking

A tired voice needs to be ‘worked’ just the right way –says Leontine Hass

Belt Your Heart Out

Create those show-stopping notes without stopping your voice –says Rachel Lebon

Pitch Problems?

Discover the ways to fix your pitch when emotion is taking over -says Leontine Hass

Breathing & Support

Believe it or not, your loudest voice uses the least air –says Kim Chandler

Ugh. I’ve Got A Cold!

Learn the ways to minimize vocal stress and strain when you have to sing with a cold -says Dr. Jahn

I Want Power

Show-stopping vocal dynamics are within your reach -says Leontine Hass

Extreme Singing

If you’re a “Twanger”, “Belter” or “Distortionist”, Dane Chalfin asks: are you making your signature sounds without damaging your voice?

I Don’t Have Time to Rest My Voice

Be a sleuth and discover the behaviours that made you need to rest your voice in the first place…

Support Your Voice I – Breathing

Singers need to know the ‘feel’ of proper breath support – says Vocal Coach Leontine Hass.

Making Hit Vocals – The Delayed Echo

Add a signature effect to your ballads by engaging a delayed echo.