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The Weirdest Venues I’ve Sung In

How do you project your voice in a storm – or when you’re inside a cylinder? Hannah Northedge shares her “war” stories.

Creating Organic and Inorganic Soundscapes

Jordan Reyne, whose music graces a funeral scene in The Lord of the Rings, takes us into her musical confidence.

Craig’s Flashmob Countdown Ep. 2 – Song Choice

What are we going to sing? This decision is pivotal to the success (or indeed failure) of the event –says Craig Lees

How to Protect Your Voice Around Musicians

Beth Trollan gives her top 5 vocal safety tips when you are surrounded by instrumentalists.

Keeping The Passion In Your Performance?

This week we’re exploring the perils of over-rehearsal.

Craig’s Flash Mob Countdown Ep. 1

Over the next four weeks follow me through the thrills and spills of planning my own unique Flash Mob experience –says Craig Antony

Going with a group: why and how

Matt and I had performed together before, in several a cappella acts. He is a phenomenal beatboxer with great musical chops. But we had both drifted off into solo live-looping as our primary performing outlet.

Mimicry Vs. Individuality

This week we’re looking at the pros and cons of vocal mimicry over finding your signature sound.

Perfecting Your Vocal Improvs?

This week we’re looking at vocal improvisation.

Your Soundtrack For 2013?

This week we’re contemplating your soundtrack for 2013.