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The Vocalist’s Worst Nightmare

This week we’re looking at the vocalists battle with illness & injury.  It is the moment that every vocalist dreads: sitting in the specialists office and being told that we have somehow injured the voice. From polyps to nodules and from vocal hemorrhage to Dysphonia it seems there are a thousand ways the vocalist to […]

Most Frustrating…

This week we’re finding out what it is that frustrates you as a vocalist! Whether it’s band members playing too loud, equipment breaking down, challenges with your own voice or even the work needed to find gigs – we all have something that we find frustrating as vocalists! We’d love to know what it is […]

Vocal Play

Singing is supposed to be FUN –says Mister Tim

New Year’s Revolutions

Difficulty is the fertilizer of the bonsai tree of achievement –says Mister Tim

4 Depression-Busting New Year’s Resolutions for Vocalists

Have a better relationship with yourself and your vocal work in 2012 -says Eric Maisel

Your Encouraging Force

This week we’re wondering who it is that has encouraged you to be who you are musically today?

Your Vocal Therapy

Sometimes the best healing is free of charge – says Christoffer Brodersen of Basix

The Ultimate Affair

Jazz artist Emily Braden shares how vocalists get hot and steamy again – with music.

The Road to Your Vocalist Dreams

What happens when a portrait artist looks closely at a vocal artist?

2-to-1 Breathing

Gerald Klickstein describes a potent technique that helps vocalists neutralize stress and sing from the heart.