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Better to be fit?

This week we’re asking if being fit makes you a better singer! There are many reasons to keep fit and doing so can have many personal benefits. We’d like to know: do you think that one of these benefits is that you are able to sing better as a result… So the question is: “Is it […]

Keeping Fit?

This week we’re finding out about the fitness routine that supports your singing! Keeping yourself in peak physical condition is a very important part of the mix when you’re a vocalist. Whether you regularly run, play a specific sport or perhaps have a different exercise routine, we’d love to know what you do to keep […]

Please Help My Raspy Voice.

Dr. Jahn, I often wake up with a raspy voice (due to a cold, or acid reflux, or a late night of singing), but I have to talk all day at my job. What are some exercises or tricks to help me get my raspy voice ready for the day? -Kendra Dear Kendra, “Morning voice” […]

Why Singers Need Water

Make sure your voice is reaches its peak performance –says Shelagh Davies

Too Much Mucous

Get to the root cause of the excess “stuff” blocking your singing -says Dr. Jahn

Your Culinary Mission

Singers need to rise to the occasion of their stomach –says Shlomo

Water is My Cure-All

Singing and ice-skating have something important in common –says Dr. Jahn.

The Rigors of the Road

The secrets to being in top vocal shape on the road are revealed by Rachel Lebon

Grand Marnier, Anyone?

What about the effectiveness of some of those politically incorrect remedies?

Vocal Coach in Residence: Jeannie Deva

She believes that your boldness has genius, power and magic in it.