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Why Can’t I Sound Like Adele?

Noted voice scientist Professor Ron Scherer shares the perils and opportunities of mimicry.

How Do You Combat Stress?

This week we’re looking at how stress can impact upon our singing.

Mic DOs and DONT’s

The way you hold your mic can actually affect your breathing and your throat, adding or detracting from your ability to communicate –says Judy Rodman

How Much Should A Singer Practice?

This week we’re exploring the topic of practice – when / where it should be carried out.

Transform Vocal Training By Recording

Recording your voice will lead you to the greatest insights on your vocal performance –says Michael Ferraiuolo

Mics – Go Beyond the Manufacturer Name

To capture the true essence of the original sound at the source, find the perfect mic and the perfect preamp, and keep it simple –says Bill Gibson

Take Control of Your Sound

Do you wish you had the same control over your amplified effects as guitarists do? – asks Jamie Vendera

Review: Boss VE-5 Vocal Performer, Effects Unit

Can this vocal effects processor face up to the competition?

Your Gig Bag Essentials?

This week we’re exploring those items you just can’t give without.

Review: Waves CLA Vocals Plug-In

Need help adding a professional touch to your vocals?