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Achieve Optimum Vocal Control

The secret to a full and powerful singing sound may be as close as your breath –says Judy Rodman

A Perfect Voice Under Pressure

A leading vocal group from NBC’s The Sing-Off share their secrets to the perfectly prepared performance voice.

How Much Should A Singer Practice?

This week we’re exploring the topic of practice – when / where it should be carried out.

The Secrets of Vocal Health on the Road

These actions make the difference between singing night after night or cancelling a gig –says Jaime Vendera

Scales & Arpeggios – Do We Need Them?

This week we’re looking scales, modes & arpeggios and what uses they have for us as singers.

Extending Your Vocal Range?

This week we’re looking at the issues surrounding vocal range & what we can do to extend it.

10 Ways to Destroy Your Delivery

Sing well night after night by doing the opposite – says Rachel Bennett

The Case: A Very Tense Jaw

The Case: A very tense jaw The Singer: Larry was 23 years old, in his final year of a three-year undergraduate course in contemporary music; he was presenting five songs for his final showcase. For you? Anyone who has to locate an area of tension and reduce its effects. Case Summary: Larry had begun to […]

The Singer’s Diet

Once you know the perils, you’ll be on your way to the body you want – says Sharon Zarabi

Unconventional Performance Prep

It’s time to make chaos your singing partner –says Mister Tim