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A Perfect Voice Under Pressure

A leading vocal group from NBC’s The Sing-Off share their secrets to the perfectly prepared performance voice.

How Much Should A Singer Practice?

This week we’re exploring the topic of practice – when / where it should be carried out.

The Secrets of Vocal Health on the Road

These actions make the difference between singing night after night or cancelling a gig –says Jaime Vendera

Scales & Arpeggios – Do We Need Them?

This week we’re looking scales, modes & arpeggios and what uses they have for us as singers.

Extending Your Vocal Range?

This week we’re looking at the issues surrounding vocal range & what we can do to extend it.

10 Ways to Destroy Your Delivery

Sing well night after night by doing the opposite – says Rachel Bennett

The Case: A Very Tense Jaw

The Case: A very tense jaw The Singer: Larry was 23 years old, in his final year of a three-year undergraduate course in contemporary music; he was presenting five songs for his final showcase. For you? Anyone who has to locate an area of tension and reduce its effects. Case Summary: Larry had begun to […]

The Singer’s Diet

Once you know the perils, you’ll be on your way to the body you want – says Sharon Zarabi

Unconventional Performance Prep

It’s time to make chaos your singing partner –says Mister Tim

Deal with Your Vocal Fatigue Now.

Mister Tim gives you the recipe to ward off singing exhaustion.