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Singing with Star Quality?

This week we’re exploring what gives a singer that ineffable X-factor.

Famous Live Mics – Krall, Bon Jovi, Bieber & More

Have you ever wondered what top selling artists use on stage to help their vocals sound great?

Bouncing Back?

This week we’re looking at how best to move on from a gig that didn’t quite go the way we planned it.

Craig’s Flash Mob – It Happens!

As the clocks on our synchronized smart phones hit 1pm, the choir took its positions…

Craig’s Flashmob Countdown Ep. 3: Rehearsals

I find myself torn between excitement and fear.

The Weirdest Venues I’ve Sung In

How do you project your voice in a storm – or when you’re inside a cylinder? Hannah Northedge shares her “war” stories.

Samson Q7 Live Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Are you looking for a low-cost mic to start your singing career?

Review: Heil PR22, Live Vocal Dynamic Microphone

Can this microphone take on the venerable SM58 and win?

Craig’s Flashmob Countdown Ep. 2 – Song Choice

What are we going to sing? This decision is pivotal to the success (or indeed failure) of the event –says Craig Lees

Review: TC-Helicon E1, Echo and Delay Pedal

Want to add more than just reverb to your vocals?