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The Mixing Board in 30 Seconds

Ever felt bewildered by all of those buttons and knobs? Recording-Mix-Mastering & FOH Engineer Wes Maebe charts a way through the confusion.

Review: Sennheiser e 835 FX, Live Vocal Microphone with ‘Mic Control’

This mic can put you in control of your sound

Between Song Chatter – Top Tips

Make your performance move from good to excellent with some purpose and planning to your “between-song” communication and –says Toke Wulf of Basix

Bob Blakeley’s Big Singing Break

He’s 56 years old. He “failed” on The Voice. Now, his career is taking off at light speed.

Review: LD Systems Dave 8 XS, Compact Active PA System

Is this portable speaker system loud enough for gigs?

Mic Stand Nightmares

An amazing performance can be sabotaged by one element I NEVER would have suspected -says Jeannie Deva

Singing with Star Quality?

This week we’re exploring what gives a singer that ineffable X-factor.

Famous Live Mics – Krall, Bon Jovi, Bieber & More

Have you ever wondered what top selling artists use on stage to help their vocals sound great?

Bouncing Back?

This week we’re looking at how best to move on from a gig that didn’t quite go the way we planned it.

Craig’s Flash Mob – It Happens!

As the clocks on our synchronized smart phones hit 1pm, the choir took its positions…