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Endless Phlegm!

Dear Dr. Jahn, I have a student that produces a lot of phlegm (heard as a “gravel-rattle” kind of sound) in his upper range of head voice. He’s not unwell (or been unwell) so it’s not connected to a virus or bacterial infection. It’s quite disconcerting as we’ve already worked on all the obvious things […]

I’m In Trouble with a Hoarse Voice!

Hi Leontine: I have a show to sing at this Tuesday. Yesterday, my voice started getting funny; I did not pay attention and kept on practicing. When I woke up this morning, my throat hurt and my voice…well, I can’t sing. It is so bad and sounds so hoarse. I am very worried. I have […]

Keeping Fit?

This week we’re finding out about the fitness routine that supports your singing! Keeping yourself in peak physical condition is a very important part of the mix when you’re a vocalist. Whether you regularly run, play a specific sport or perhaps have a different exercise routine, we’d love to know what you do to keep […]

Please Help My Raspy Voice.

Dr. Jahn, I often wake up with a raspy voice (due to a cold, or acid reflux, or a late night of singing), but I have to talk all day at my job. What are some exercises or tricks to help me get my raspy voice ready for the day? -Kendra Dear Kendra, “Morning voice” […]

What Happened to Julie Andrews’ Voice?

Dear Leontine, Can you explain properly what happened to Julie Andrews’ voice? Other people seem to recover from a vocal cord injury. Or, is there another situation going on? -John Dear John, Before I attempt to answer your question, a few caveats. First, some details of Julie Andrews’ vocal issues relating to her surgery are […]

Too Much Mucous

Get to the root cause of the excess “stuff” blocking your singing -says Dr. Jahn

My Bowels Aren’t Cooperating…

It’s time to rehearse some ways through high anxiety -says Dr. Jahn

Grand Marnier, Anyone?

What about the effectiveness of some of those politically incorrect remedies?

Your Voice on Tour

Avoid hits to your health so you can sing your best. Dr. Anthony F. Jahn shows how.

My Voice Has ‘Deserted’ Me…

Does a move to the desert combined with allergies mean this singer can’t sing her gig?