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Review: MicFX Microphone Sleeves

Is your stage mic looking a bit dull and boring?

Review: Behringer T1, Budget Studio Tube Mic

Can this budget tube mic match the competition?

Review: sE Electronics H1 v2, Live Vocal Condenser Microphone

sE Electronics have refashioned their popular studio mic for the stage

Review AKG C1000S MK4, Capacitor Microphone

Is this “Swiss Army Knife” of mics any good for vocals?

Review: MXL BCD-1 Broadcast Dynamic Microphone

Looking for a microphone to get you started with voiceover work and podcasts?

Golden Age Project R1 MKII Studio Ribbon Mic

Want an unforgettable vintage sound on your vocals?

Top 5 Live Mics

Here are the 5 mics have hit the top ratings for those we’ve reviewed thus far.

K&M 21431 Microphone Stand Boom Accessory

Need to increase the positional options on your mic stand?

Review: Audix VX5, Stage Condenser Microphone

Is it time to trade in your dynamic microphone?

Getting The Most From Your Mic?

This week we’re exploring the do’s and don’ts of microphone technique.