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Your Soundtrack For 2013?

This week we’re contemplating your soundtrack for 2013.

Top Ten Holiday Movies for Singers

Grab some eggnog, put up your feet and find singing inspiration in these holiday films – says Beth Trollan

What’s On Your Singing Wish List?

This week we’re looking at the vocalist’s festive wish list

The Case of the Hidden Voice

Linda was talented but her voice became “thin” and “reedy” in public – she needed an infusion of presence.

Obama Sings Jingle Bells

This Week’s Singing in the News: from breathing breakthroughs to Mandela’s funeral.

Holiday Gigs – Giving It Your All

Take your singing performance to an even higher level through the holidays –says Jennifer Truesdale.

NEW Vocal Coach in Residence – December

Brett Manning is widely recognized as one of the most innovative vocal coaches in the world.

Secrets to a Great Vocal Recording

If you wonder, “Will people like this?”, you will counteract everything you are trying to do as an artist —says Tony Harnell, award winning lead singer of TNT

How to Stay Motivated with Songwriting

You can find a way through creative lows into new ideas and inspiration -says Sarah Bella

Vocal Training – What Works For You?

This week we’re exploring the different vocal training models that are available to us.