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Perils of the ‘Split Shift’ Singing life

Work during the week and sing on the weekend? You can survive the vocal challenge – says Kim Chandler

Create Your Vocal ‘Cross Training’ Program

It’s time that we apply solid athletic knowledge to our singing work – says Kim Chandler

Mimicry Vs. Individuality

This week we’re looking at the pros and cons of vocal mimicry over finding your signature sound.

Don’t be Doug

People like Doug give singers a bad name. Find out how not to be Doug.

Perfecting Your Vocal Improvs?

This week we’re looking at vocal improvisation.

Improve Vocal Crescendos – Diminuendos

When you talk you decrease and increase volume to maintain interest. Learn the same with your singing – says Brett Manning

What’s On Your Singing Wish List?

This week we’re looking at the vocalist’s festive wish list

Improve Singing Flexibility and Range

It’s time to push your vocal exercises with longer scales – says Brett Manning

The Case of the Hidden Voice

Linda was talented but her voice became “thin” and “reedy” in public – she needed an infusion of presence.

Create Easy Vocal Tones

It’s time to erase unnecessary tension with these singing exercises from Brett Manning.