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9 Ways to Save Your Voice

“There are only two things worthy of your paranoia and that’s your left and right vocal folds. Here are some strategies to keep them happy.” –says Lisa Popeil

Sing with Power AND Sustainability

Never let your larynx do all the work – says Dane Chalfin.

Are Extreme Vocal Sounds Healthy?

This week we’re discussing the do’s & don’ts of Extreme Vocal Sounds

I Want Power

Show-stopping vocal dynamics are within your reach -says Leontine Hass

Misplaced Vocal Effort?

Constriction with skyrocketing vocal effort is the last thing you need -says Dane Chalfin

A Fantastic Morning Voice

How can you have an ideal morning voice under less than ideal conditions?

Review: The Voice Book

We couldn’t find any “down sides” to this volume – can you?

Blowing Out Your Ears?

How can vocalists surrounded by loud music maintain good hearing for life? A physician, producer and vocal coach share crucial wisdom.

Your Voice’s Early Warning System: Part III

You want to play career-changing gigs without vocal trouble. Dane Chalfin shows the way.

To Smoke Or Not To Smoke…

Chris kicks the habit after one final fling…