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Passion When Repeating Songs?

This week we’re looking at how we make each rendition of a song just as special as the last.

Discover Your Vocal ID

The quest to find your originality should be at the top of your list –says Daniel Zangger Borch

Five Tips for Handling Criticism

Eric Maisel shares the best ways to deal with things when your performance is judged.

Cami Bradley on Singing

America’s Got Talent Finalist Cami Bradley shares the perspiration and inspiration behind her music.

Keep It Close To Home – With A Twist

The struggle of songwriters today: you want to appeal to the masses with something familiar yet you want your song to stand out as unique.

Move from “Good” to “Incredible”

It’s time to really dig into the meaning of your song –says Jenn Bostic

How Do You Combat Stress?

This week we’re looking at how stress can impact upon our singing.

Your First Gig?

This week we’re getting nostalgic & looking back at your first experiences on stage.

Dealing with Criticism – a Singer’s Guide

You can minimize the sting and even make friends with criticism -says Jaime Babbitt

Know What Inspires You

When you are moved by those things that inspire you, it can lead to a boost in creativity –says Simone Niles