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The Music Buying Mode You Love?

This week we’re discussing the pro’s and con’s of digital vs physical music.

Don’t Think About It

Write your songs with a heart that feels rather than with a mind that analyzes -says Sara Bella

The Case of the Dull Voice

He had settled into a “sleepy and breathy” sound but Mike wanted to liven up his act…

Songwriting – Where Do You Start?

This week we’re looking at songwriting & the different methods we all use to get the ball rolling!

Don’t Stop Writing Your Songs

Hit songwriter Kirsty Bertarelli believes that we can stay inspired.

Do You Have a New Influence?

This week we’re looking at the new artists that are influencing us as singers

The Shadow Side of Social Media

At what point does technology stop being a tool and become an enemy to creativity?

Find Your Weakness

I know the areas I’ve got down, and I know where I need some work. Lyrics come easiest for me…I always have some sort of line already in my head when I pick up the guitar. So, I usually don’t second-guess myself when the words start flowing. I will, however, try out a variety of […]

The Source of Your Inspiration?

This week we’re looking at the places and people from whom you draw your inspiration.

The Opening Slot of Your Dreams?

This week we’re finding out which artists you’d like to open the show for.