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Review: InTune App for iPhone

Here’s a brilliantly simple game of precision hearing for singers

Rock Like: Axl Rose, Brian Johnson and James Hetfield

There are healthy ways to add grit to your voice, without relying on smoking, drinking or nodes! –says Jaime Vendera

Breaking Down the Riffs

Hundreds of thousands of singers are learning to riff with Natalie Weiss’s YouTube series, Breaking Down the Riffs (BDTR).

10 Ways to Rock the Recording Studio

A terrible recording session taught Michael Ferraiuolo what he most needed to know.

Finding The Right Coach

This week we’re looking at vocal coaching, and how to find the right teacher for you.

9 Ways to Save Your Voice

“There are only two things worthy of your paranoia and that’s your left and right vocal folds. Here are some strategies to keep them happy.” –says Lisa Popeil

Review: The ScaleCoach App

Can you improve your pitch and vocal tuning with this app?

NEW Vocal Coach in Residence – Lisa Popeil

She’s performed live with Frank Zappa and done backing vocals with ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic…

The Secrets to Singing Longevity

89-year-old performing singer Frank Holder shares the insights behind is vocal power.

The Secret To Vocal Success?

This week we’re exploring the mysteries to singing success in this industry.