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Perils of the ‘Split Shift’ Singing life

Work during the week and sing on the weekend? You can survive the vocal challenge – says Kim Chandler

The ‘D-Word’ ?

This week we’re exploring the fascinating world of breath control, and the controversial ‘D-word’ (Diaphragm).

Create Your Vocal ‘Cross Training’ Program

It’s time that we apply solid athletic knowledge to our singing work – says Kim Chandler

Stage Presence – Your Next Level

Enlarge your comfort zone so that your fans are energized by your performance –says Linda Septien

Most Popular Vocal Health & Technique Tips

We announce VoiceCouncil readers’ top choices on keeping their voices in top shape.

Top Ten Holiday Movies for Singers

Grab some eggnog, put up your feet and find singing inspiration in these holiday films – says Beth Trollan

The Case of the Hidden Voice

Linda was talented but her voice became “thin” and “reedy” in public – she needed an infusion of presence.

Holiday Gigs – Giving It Your All

Take your singing performance to an even higher level through the holidays –says Jennifer Truesdale.

Secrets to a Great Vocal Recording

If you wonder, “Will people like this?”, you will counteract everything you are trying to do as an artist —says Tony Harnell, award winning lead singer of TNT

One Smooth Sound Between Registers?

This week we’re exploring tricky subject of vocal registers