Tamara Kim – Tectonic Plates [Original]

Tamara Kim is a quadrilingual(Korean/English/French/German) singer/songwriter/guitarist, double-majoring in Linguistics and Psychology and minoring in Music at Georgetown University. She has been playing the guitar for about 8 years now, and writing songs since April 2008. She is the founder and organizer of the premier Washington Singers & Songwriters Circle (WSSC) and the Seoul Creative Musicians Circle (SCMC). The way to her heart is often through her stomach — if not through either hemisphere of her brain. Also, she has insectophobia. No joke. All in all, she is not, happily, she thinks, “an ordinarily constituted human being.” (Wilde, Oscar)

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  • G_Alexander

    Hi Tamara
    You've got some very witty lines here – and the 'feel' is both light-hearted and honest – I like. I sense some real strength in your singing and wonder if this might come through more as you draw upon torso strength, singing less from your upper body – just a thought. Anyways, I look forward to hearing more of your music! Very creative!

  • ujiya

    Tamara :)

    I love it! Totally not what I expected…such a quirky tune, fun and interesting. My favorite parts are the sparse, rhythmic, verses…draws me right in. In this song you travel the world with your lyrics and allow it to breathe of fellowship. That's nice to hear these days. You're young and plenty creative so why not invest in some gear as well as your voice? I feel you would really benefit from purchasing a small laptop based recording studio, nothing to crazy, just enough to record your ideas, learn to use the mic and your voice as a dynamic instrument, and possibly inject some ethnic rhythms to enhance your unique approach to music and voice :)



  • TamaraDesireeKim

    Hi Alexander, thanks for the compliments and suggestions! :) You can check out more of my originals at: http://www.youtube.com/TamaraDesireeKim

  • TamaraDesireeKim

    Thanks, Brian! I'm glad you like Tectonic Plates! :) Yeah, I really should invest a little more in my gears, haha. Check out more of my music on my Youtube channel, and let me know what you think!

  • Dan Gunther

    Wow, I love the song, and your voice is perfect for the melody and lyrics. Very quirky, but full of honest emotion and feeling. Love it!