Who is TC-Helicon?

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What we believe:
At TC-Helicon we truly believe that the voice is the world’s most beautiful instrument. We don’t mean to degrade other beautiful instruments, but the singing voice is the anthropological source for all things melodic.

What singers should know:
You should know there is a dedicated group of engineers, researchers and product specialists based in Victoria BC, Canada, who spend every waking moment of their working lives listening, talking, singing, and interacting with singers and those who have passion for the singing voice.

Why it matters:
All this knowledge and experience is used to design products respecting and empowering the modern vocalist. Our products focus on removing barriers and inspiring creativity in performance. That’s why our products range from near-field personal vocal monitors to floor-based vocal multi-effects pedals.

Why the name TC-Helicon?
“TC” are the initials of TC-Group, which owns TC-Helicon. TC-Group is a holding company for five pro audio brands that share common values in producing premium, ambitious and creative audio products.

“Helicon” is a mountain in Southern Greece where the Muses – those nine daughters of Zeus who inspire musicians, singers, poets and artists – were said to reside. In Mythology, Helicon is a place where the singing voice is elevated to its highest levels.

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